Sunday, 14 July 2013

In Mourning for my sketchbook

My sketchbook has been missing for over two months now,... I think I might have to give in and  say goodbye, start again :( absolutely gutted though, like a years work of sketches drawings and ideas, It sounds silly but does feel like i lost something important , would rather lose my phone or house keys! .. must remeber ti take more care in future..

On a brighter note i just had some work in a group ashow pictures to come soon, The organizers are a really awesome girl and guy called ( nunpop) asits held up stairs in the old nun's head. Was a great time and really nice to share work .

anyways back soon ... definitely so many pictures to take been painting like a don! ( well working hard on it)

finish work on friday for 6 weeks ,,,,,,,,,,, ahhhh 6 weeks all for painting, laying in the park and maybe building so other stuff but dont wat to jynx so will keeo that stum for now!

in the meantime here is an artist im slighly in awe of/respect the accracy and vision. Ihave linked his sketchbooks as i am a sucker for understanding the proces if a piece just as much a seeing the finished work,

Have a look you will come away with something ???(hopefully)

enjoy your week!


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Not getting dress and painting = perfect day

Today's palette was good enough to frame ( I haven't) Work in progress for a pice that is long overdue to be finished. Getting there... 
Oh also found this band called Songs:Ohia

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Val Britton

Val Britton

I find the collage works of Val Britton mesmerising , Map like highways transverse misted water colour backgrounds. I feel as if I travel through the layers of  her work , the piece being a journey in itself.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Geometric melt

Work in progress...

I have been making some different shaped canvasses ( there a pain in the ass to stretch)  to create new work on here's one>>